Cross-Industry Blockchain Applications and Use Cases

End-to-end industrial blockchain solutions and development services

Our seasoned blockchain team has the skills set to create blockchain solutions for industries like healthcare, financial services, and real estate. We have removed transaction bottlenecks, established trust, and created new revenue models for businesses around the globe with our blockchain application development services

Industrial Applications | Blockchain Solutions and Development Services

Supply Chain Management

We use platforms like Hyperledger Sawtooth, Credits, and Corda to strengthen supply chains with end-to-end visibility, traceability, and transparency of transactions. Our blockchain team develops SCM solutions to reduce product recalls and counterfeits while ensuring regulatory compliance and reporting. The solutions include value additions like provenance tracking, business process automation, and intermediary elimination.

Healthcare Solutions

We build regulation-compliant healthcare solutions, identity systems, and smart contracts using platforms like Credits, Hyperledger, and Ethereum. Our developers use machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies to introduce a high level of security, interoperability, and mobility in healthcare. Our blockchain developers enable drug traceability, supply chain visibility, fraud detection, patient data management, EHR (electronic health records), and more

Real Estate

The real estate sector is already experiencing reforms in the operations/processes due to the integration of blockchain technologies such as Smart Contracts. Blockchain in real estate can lay the foundation for digitization of land titles, multiple listing services, recording of transactions and fractional ownership of real estate assets. The technology can improve the overall transparency level in the system along with legitimizing the government-mandated real estate transactions record.

Fintech Solutions

The most trending topic in the financial services industry today is blockchain. If incorporated properly, it would allow Fintech companies to process payments more accurately while lowering transaction processing costs and the need for exceptions. We provide continuous support for you to take full advantage of this new technology, by managing your finance in a simplified way.

Identity Management

The existing identity management system is neither secure nor reliable. At every point, you are being asked to identify yourself through multiple governments authorized IDs like Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card and so on. Sharing multiple IDs leads to privacy concerns and data breaches. Therefore, the blockchain can pave the path to self-sovereign identity through decentralized networks. A self-sovereign identity assures privacy and trust, where identity documents are secured, verified and endorsed by permissioned participants.

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